Last edit

  Going out in the midday sun


Holly saw the yellow blur through the slanting rain. Her heart sank. Forth time that month — what was the point of clamping anyway? The car was still there causing an obstruction.  Towing was worse, the body chill on seeing the space where the car had been, followed by the sickening knowledge that there would be a trip to the car pound. The shouting mob of car owners, the thump of fists hitting shatterproof glass, handing over another heard-earned 150 quid, and then the trek back over the Acton flyover to be late for another meeting.

Mmm, it seems mightily complicated to load my original word documents into the blog . . . Anyway, above is a patched version of the first paragraph of book one, with it’s chapter illustration. Maybe I’ll figure it out later, but things outside the writing bubble are calling.

Today I finished the final (possibly) edit, now into the unknown world of self-publishing and all the technical frustration that will no doubt be thrown up . . .


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