Just once more

Ed-ited /checked by Kate and Mark 15/1/2012

Re-checked by Ruth, corrections made 19/02/2012

Re-checked by Kate and the computer 21/02/12

Re-checked by Kate 26/08/2012

Look for Claire’s corrections.

Re checked by Kate 16/09 2012

Rechecked by Kate and partly Ed 2/11/2012

Rechecked by Kate   30/10/2012

Rechecked by Kate  5/11/2012

Edited with Gill   2/2013

Final Edit 17/3/2013

Further final edit 20/3/2013     81,472 words.


It’s incredible: I just thought I would take one final little tiny look . . . just to check the margins, and there was a word, a smallish word. Susan. Who the Hell’s Susan?. When I had I ever put Susan in the book? Never that I could remember. Margaret had briefly become Susan.

I changed it and had another quick scan.

He walked over window. WHAT? Don’t you mean: He walked over to the window? But of course I did. How many times have I, (and countless other extremely kind and patient) people, read that sentence and not noticed the absence of those two words?

Maybe just once more — tomorrow.


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