Reading aloud


It’s always good to listen to your own stuff read by someone else. (Hello Gill)

To squirm, flinch as something is uttered that perhaps you should have taken out? A phrase you might have considered many times but hung onto: but it’s good, but does it work there  . . . really? No it’s bad, slows the whole pace, chop it, press delete, or hide it in a notebook for another time.

Actually this was alright. A reading in an art exhibition to a very small crowd. I wasn’t surprised as it was mostly French folk visiting the various galleries and my French is certainly not up to translation. It was just a very useful exercise in getting the text off the computer and in front of unknown people.

This is why ‘you write on’ is so good too. A site for aspiring and published writers; you load up some of your precious chapters and wait for the critical missiles to land in your email account: scary but so useful. My first book is out on Amazon now but there are quite a few changes since then in the manuscript. Perhaps there always would be.

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